"Faster and faster, Get more and more. Eat the world"

People think death will never grab them
They put it in a far distanced point in the future,
like they will never force to touch
Think if they will run fast enough it will by pass them

working like mad to achieve money, children's and success,
they will soon have to depart and die

It's the most  far distance illusion mankind created ever

In order to live, you need to get rid of your death path
There is a ton of load you have to lose before you will begin remember your true self
Get rid of your ignorance and your proud
Seek for the truth
Let go of what you know, and start asking

In that point, the far less you need is "more"
Right now all you need is less

Dedicate your self to life,
And life will respond back to your body

It's the only true relationship you will ever have

Ilan Aviv