Interview with Gabi Gazit on the choice not to have children – Renana Oren

There is a question that most of you do not even give your opinion on, and I will now drag you into a discussion about a topic that you will think I am crazy, that there is something wrong with me in my head but no problem. It is necessary once or not always to ask this question. "Why do we want children? Why do we think that life should always be as parents? Why [Read more...]

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Eternal non parenthood – a life that lasts without childbirth

It is interesting that in all the conversations about nursing aging of my parents that I participated in online, no one talks about a community of people who take care of each other and stay together, or, Heaven forbid, about the possibility of beating the disease of old age. (Dictionary:  Child-free, non parenting, antinatalisem = people who have chosen to live outside the circle of reproduction. do not make children and are not interested in [Read more...]

The answer given by magic mushrooms to solving the world problem Terence Mckenna

With unparalleled eloquence, Terence McKenna dives deep into the ability of psilocybin mushrooms to solve problems that man cannot reach on his own. Over the centuries, the mysterious fungus has provided shamanic body-mind researchers with a change in the direction of thinking and has given them a non-human perspective to human problems, which we as a species alone will only perpetuate. After being sarcastically asked Terence "why doesn't he just ask the psilocybin mushroom [Read more...]

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We are not having babies – conversation with Ilan Aviv

Here is a conversation that took place between me and a friend who chose to live life without having children. In the conversation, she described her great difficulty in being different and lonely, among the masses of people who actively and aggressively solicit her , and try to impose their desire to include most people to be part of the circle of reproduction with them. Is there a better way than the way everyone goes, [Read more...]

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who are we

Those who want to live their lives to the fullest, for the lovers of life who want to live forever in their human body. We see life as the most wonderful, beautiful and best thing there is in the universe, and choose to stay alive in cooperation and fullness of life. Like us there are many more around the world, and every day more people join who have discovered their basic and uncompromising desire = to live!

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